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The Rockets of Pyongyang (2014)


A near-future thriller set in Pyongyang.  In the year 2063, Korean-American spy Danny Kim fights to preserve a precarious world order, but will he give it all up for the woman he loves? This near-future thriller brings the action and the ideas.

 The Jester’s Curse Series:


The Jester’s Curse: Run Amok (2013)

jesters2_thumbThe Jester’s Curse: Burn Down Seatown (2014)

Book Two in the Jester’s Curse series was recently published. It follows the misadventures of Marius who, kicked out of a cushy life of slavery, is forced to survive on the mean streets of the kingdom of Arovia. Here’s a blurb from the back cover: “Something stinks in Seatown, and it’s up to Marius to solve the mystery before time runs out. His former life of slavery never looked better as Marius battles crazed wizards and powermad Astors. He even finds love, and immediately tries to put it back again.”

A farcical fantasy in the same vein as Piers Anthony’s Xanth. Follow Marius the Slave’s antics as he seeks revenge on the wizard that cast on him The Jester’s Curse. Book One is also Available at Amazon (print & ebook).

Legends of Gyoll (2013)

great read-aloud stories

A little something for the kids. Somewhere between Narnia and Peter Rabbit lies the World of Gyoll. These stories have a warm heart and are beautifully illustrated by digital artist Henryca Citra. 120 pages of stories for kids young and old. Available at Amazon and wherever fine books are sold. (This book is only available in print right now)

The Moondial (2013)

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Pure science-fantasy action. Hranna struggles to survive on the icy wastes as she tries to save her own life and that of the explorers stranded in a land without night. Available at Amazon (print & ebook).

I’m currently writing the second book in this series and expect to have it off to the publisher by the end of the year.

Firstborn & Other Stories (2013)

Buy Firstborn A number of my earlier stories including Firstborn, a Writer’s of the Future Honorable Mention. Available at Amazon (ebook only).

Carrie Anne in Korea Series:

I also write a series of mid-grade readers that follow the adventures of Carrie Anne, a diplomat’s daughter who–with the ability of time-sight–is able to explore Korea past and present. It’s a fun, time-travel series that focuses on Korean history and culture through the eyes of Carrie Anne and her friends. These are written under my other pen-name David Lee.

Book One: Gyeongju Girls


Book Two: Turtle Boat Battle


Book Three: Princess Palace


more to come…