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Lots of Good News

Typing on LSD?So a couple of big things have been happening lately.

I sold another story to Daily Science Fiction, “They Fell Like Comets”.

Another story got rejected by DSF, but I got a personal note with the rejection. I didn’t know if they’d like it anyway. I’ve submitted it to another market that might be a better fit.

I joined the Science Fiction Writers of America as an associate member (not as a full active member … yet.)

Also, I’ve been taking an online class from Dean Wesley Smith on Plotting a Novel. The first week’s lessons blew my mind. It is exactly what I needed to get over the novel writing hump. (I’ve started 4 and finished zero)! It’s awesome to know that the struggles I’m going through are not unique to me but are common to many awesome writers who I really admire and who also were on this hump at one point in their careers.

Finally, I’ve been working on incorporating to cover my writing business and a number of small related side businesses that I do. I want to be a self-publisher, and so I needed to get serious about the business side of things. Even though I’m a lawyer by training, I was a human rights lawyer. I know nothing about corporations except what they forced me to learn for the bar exam. So this process has been fun and enlightening. I’m thinking of writing a few blog posts about the process to maybe help someone else out who’s looking at doing the same things.

Meanwhile, summer vacation is going very well. It’s been hard while traveling to stay on schedule with the writing. But I need to stop making excuses and crank out my new words of fiction every day.

Firstborn available on Kindle


The choices we make affect our past and our future.┬áHere are nine award-winning short stories set in the near future, far future, and possible pasts, featuring Firstborn, an Honorable Mention selection in the 2013 Writer’s of the Future Contest, as well as Lost and Found, winner of Capital Christian Writers Short Story Contest.

Stories include:

Culture Shock
The Mind Reader
A Star in the East
How Women Fight
Lost and Found
All Made Up
City Rat, Space Brat