About Me


Thanks for visiting the ol’ website. My name is Hans Hergot, and I write science fiction and fantasy. I live in Korea (South not North) with my lovely family.

The first thing people usually ask is,  “Why the pen-name?” (Ok, that’s the second most asked question, the first being “Who are you again?”)

I chose the name out of respect for the original Hans Hergot who lived nearly five hundred years ago. He was a writer, a pamphleteer, and a book seller who wandered from village to village bringing knowledge and truth. It is claimed that Hans relied heavily on his hard-working wife in putting out his publications–something I can certainly relate to. Later, Hans was burned alive for his beliefs. His pacifist teachings were unpopular during the invasion of Europe from the south. Deo vindice.

The pen-name also protects my alter-ego and you, dear reader, from stumbling across many boring law journal articles were you to google my real name.

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