Updating or Changing your Kindle E-Book

So, your self-published book has a few typos. Congrats. It’s right on target for the genre. =)

But seriously, I wanted to fix a few kinks in my book. Amazon explains that I should download and modify the HTML file.

I once talked my way into a job based on my HTML skillz (thanks Baxter!), but this was (ahem) ages ago. I think this option is great if you only have a few small changes or if you didn’t originally convert the book and the person who did wants to charge you for changes (as perhaps well they should). But what if there are, shall we say, several typos?

Then I thought, I’ll just make the changes in my original file and recovert.

Originally, I used a template from Joel Friedlander’s siteĀ http://www.bookdesigntemplates.com/

The templates worked like a charm the first time. Hopfully for the reupload it will be just as good. Of course, Amazon is making we wait 12 hours while they “review” my submission.

If I done it all wrong, let me know via the contact page.